Nigel Hobbins Music



This seventeen track CD was recorded in Whitstable, Kent, between March and August 2002, and is dedicated to the memory of my father. Three tracks are traditional, six covers, six of my own numbers and two tracks jointly written with Andrew Ling. My songs were written during the late 1990’s and the early 2000’s, and the others are favourite songs I found myself singing/whistling while at work. Colin Lovett joins me on drums and percussion on some of the tracks. “Where’s the History..... Sold ..... Change”. This CD is not available for sale but please feel free to listen or download some of the following tracks.

Track List

1. Little Willies Wild Woodbine (B Williams) 4.19
2. Fighting For The Garden Of England (Hobbins) 5.46. Click Here to play.
(5.35 MB)
3. Where's The History  (Hobbins) 5.50
4. The Backroom Boys (Ling/Hobbins) 3.58
5. Bright About The Shadows (Hobbins) 5.11
6. Games People Play (J South) 4.32
7. What You Do With What You've Got (Si Kahn) 3.33
8. Green To Grey (N Jones) 2.35
9. The Mouse (Hobbins) 1.54
10. I Have To Admit (Hobbins) 3.52
. Click Here to play. (3.60 MB)
11. Blow The Wind Southerly (Trad/Hobbins) 4.18. Click Here to play. (4.01 MB)
12. Who Knows Where The Time Goes (S Denny) 4.38
13. Waly Waly (Trad) 5.20
14. No One's Gonna Hurt You (Hobbins) 2.34
15. Touch (C James/P Atkin) 4.18
16. October Sun (Hobbins/Ling) 5.53
. Click Here to play. (5.46 MB)
17. Three Maidens A Milking Did Go (Trad) 3.24