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The twelve tracks on this CD were recorded in Whitstable and Faversham, Kent, between February and June 2004. Eight of my own songs, two traditional and two covers.

A few years ago I invested in a new recording machine which fits easily under my arm, so a quick phone call to see who was up for it and by the time the tea was brewed and the cake was cut, I was ready to record. And that’s how it was.

Many thanks to the following, both musicians and friends. Martin Elliott, Double Bass, Chris Wood, Violin, snare drum, piano, Robert Harbron, Concertina, bass drum, Robert Jarvis, Trombone, Justin Mitchell, Trumpet, congas, spoons, Piet Clark, extra vocals, Andrew Ling, some words & some lyrics.

Track List

1.     Tom Paines Bones    (G. Moore) 4:58
2.     The Teenage Boy    (Hobbins) 3:40
3.     The One Legged Polka (Hobbins) 3:58
4.     Glory of a Crown    (Hobbins) 4:58
5.     Shoals of Herring    (E. MacColl) 4:04
6.     Sweet as a Nut    (Hobbins) 5:10
7.     Anti-Poll Tax March    (Hobbins) 3:46
8.     My Master and I    (Hobbins/Trad) 4:00
9.     Hang on to You (Ling/Hobbins) 3:20
10.   These Simple Ways    (Hobbins) 4:22  Last Orders    (Hobbins) 4:48
12.   Little by little and bit by bit (Hobbins/Trad) 3:26




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